Syntor X9000 Radios
have an alphanumeric control head
and have many programmable options.

  • These radios contain the same RF circuitry as the Syntor X but have their own personality and common circuits board.
  • Radios are available in VHF low and high band, 406-512 MHz UHF and 800 MHz versions. The VHF low band is most prized, because of its ability to cover 29.5 to 54 MHz without tuning.
  • Syntor X9000 radios have a nonremoveable eeprom in the radio and one in the alphanumeric head. Each is programmed through a RIB box connected to a pc, and a cable to the radio connector. RSS (radio service software) from Motorola is used to program the radio and the head. Info on the RIB box is on the batwings site.
  • Software is only available from Motorola or those who have a close tie to M. A special ham software version of the radio software exists to extend the radios onto the ham frequencies. This software is often refered to as 'lab software', presumably modified by a ham within Motorola.
  • The radios still sell for about $500 because of the glitz of the alphanumeric head, and because they are still very current. Performance is no better than that of the Syntor X which is about one fifth the price.
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