Using 2716 or 2732 eProms (preferred)

Signetics discontinued manufacturing bipolar proms 10+ years ago. I purchased plenty which are available but it may be easier to build an adapter socket to use 2732 or 2716 eproms and use an inexpensive commercial eprom programer with my software to program your radios.  

If you use a 2716 rather than a 2732, ignore references to A11.

2832 Pinout      82S129 Pinout           28323 Pinout
___________      ___________________     ____________
                               16 Vcc----24 Vcc 5v
 1 A7-----------------15 A7 
 2 A6------------1 A6 22 A9 ground
 3 A5------------2 A5 16 Vcc-------------21 Vpp 5v 
 4 A4------------3 A4 14 A8--------------23 A8
 5 Ptt A3--------4 A3 13 nCE-------------22 nCE
 6 A2------------7 A2                    19 A10 grnd
 7 A1------------6 A1                    18 A11 grnd
 8 A0------------5 A0                    17 O7 n/c
12 Ground--------8 Ground                16 O6 n/c
                                         15 O5 n/c
 9 D0-------------------------12 D0      14 O4 n/c
10 D1-------------------------11 D1
11 D2-------------------------10 D2
                               9 D3------13 D3

A note on  channel switching - address (A) lines A0 to A7 selects 32 channels with A3 determining transmit / receive. Adding Address additional address line using a small toggle switch with a 2k pull-up resistor to 5v gains additional channels A8(64 ch) A9(128 ch) A10 (256 ch) and A11 (512 ch). You can for example have all A11 be direct talkback (no repeater) etc enabling listening to an input with a single switch. 

Programming Bipolar Proms

Build a homebrew bipolar prom programmer for Signetics 82S129 and 82S131 proms which uses your pc's parallel port.

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