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MCX100 136-174 MHz $
68-90060M75-0 MCX100 Railroad Radio Service Manual 15
68-02900A13-0 MCX100 Railroad FM Radio Operator's Card MBR33CUA/MBR33CUE1170AD 9
68-02900A45-0 MCX100 Railroad Radio Programming Guide 2
68-81045E20-B MCX100 6/10 W & 25/30 W Mobile Radio (Service Information) MBD/MBT23, 43 CUA Series, MBD/MBT13,23,33 EMA Series 60
68-81045E25-0 MCX100 6/10 & 25/30 W Mobile Radio Theory of Operation and Maintenance) Supplement to 68-81045E20 MBD/MBT23,43 CUA Series, MBD/ MBT13,23, 33 EMA Series 10
68-81047E40-0 MCX100 & Select 5 Signaling 6,10,25,30 W Mobile Radio (Supplement to 68-81045E20) MBD/MBT13,23,33 EMA Series MBD/MBT23,43 CUA Series 10
68-81047E45-A MCX100 Channel Scan Monitoring (Supplement to 68-81045E20) 10
68-811l0E80-A MCX100 Owner's Manual (International English Version) 2
68-81110E85-A MCXI00 Owner's Manual (Canadian French Version) 3
68-81110E90-A MCXI00 Owner's Manual (German Version) 2
68-81111E81-A MCX100 Owner's Manual (Domestic English Version) 1
68-81112E36-A MCX100 Channel Scan Monitor Operator's Guide 1
MCX100 136-174, 440-470 MHz
68-8l065E65-0 MCX100 10 W & 25 W Motorcycle Radio MBM23PSA/MBM33PSA Series - 136-174 MHz MBM24PSA/MBM34PSA Series - 440-470 MHz 7
68-81115EO6-0 MCX100 Motorcycle Antenna VAD1012A-14A 136-174 MHz VAE1022A 440-470 MHz 1
68-81115EO7-0 MCX100 Motorcycle FM Radio 10 W External Audio Amplifier Option B277 (Model VLN1060A) 403-470 MHz 1
68-81045E30-0 MCX100 6/10 W and 25/30 W Mobile Radio MBD/MBT14,24,34,44 EMA Series 25

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68-81043E40-A 40/75/110 W 1-16 Freq FM Radio T43/63/83SRA Series 16
68-81044E90-B 45 W RSX-410 SYNTOR Railroad or# 98-81044E90-B R43RWC11BOD, E, R43RWE1180A, D, E R43RWH1180A 26
68-81111E87-0 SYNTOR Railroad Radio RSX-410 Series PROM Module Security Set Screw Installation 2
68-81043E45-A 30/50/75/100 W 1-32 Freq FM Radio T34/T44/T64/74SRA Series 17
68-80200W07-B SYNTOR Systems,90S Accessory Group Installation Instructions for Radios Compatible With MDC-600 15
68-81102E60-H Handset Hangup Units 1

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68-80100W45-D SYNTOR X UHF Radio T34/T64/T74VBJ Series, T34/T64/T74VXJ, Series T64/T74KXJ Series 50
68-80100W51-A Low Band SYNOR X T71VBJNXJ Series Radio 75
68-81043E50-B 35 W Trunked SYNTOR X Mobile T45VBJ5G00AA,AK,T45VBJ5G00AW 100
68-81043E55-B 10 W Trunked SYNTOR X Control Station L35VBB5174AM, L35RHB5174AW 14
68-81044E40-B 35 W SYNTOR X Mobile T45VBJ7000AK 36
68-81047E05-0 35 W Trunked SYNTOR X2 Mobile T45RHJ5G00AK, AW, 45VSJ5G00AA, AK 40
68-81060EO5-C SYNTOR X VHF Radio T43/T73/X73KEJ Series, T43/T73/X73 KXJ Series, T43/T73/T83 VBJ Series, T43/T73/T83VXJ Series 35
68-810101W24-0 SYN X HB(Supplement to 68-81047EO5) 6
68-81060E10-0 15/35 W Trunked SYNTOR X3 Mobile T35/T45VUJ5G00AA, AK (Supplement to 68-81047E05) 11
68-81061E05-A 10 W Trunked SYNTOR X3 Control Station L35VUB5174AM and L35RHB5174AM (Supplement to 68-81043E55) 1
68-81066E80-A Trunked SYNTOR X SMARTNET/Dual Operation 806-870 MHz T45VBJ5G11AK 46
68-811l0E83-0 Trunked SYNTOR X Mobile Owner's Manual 2
68-81110E84-A SYNTOR X and SYNTOR X3 Trunked Control Station Operator's Instructions 1
68-81110E87-B SYNTOR X Systems 90S Pushbutton Control Head TCN1350A, 51A, 52A, TLN2267A, 68A 10
68-81110E89-B SYNTOR X Systems 90S Channel Scan TLN2256A.62A 30
68.81110E93-C SYNT0R X Systems 90S Accessory Group Installation Instructions 5
68.81110E91-A SYNT0R X Systems 90S Multiple PL Operator Select 3
68-81111E70-A Trunked Communications System SYNTOR X, SYNTOR X2, and SYNTOR X3 FM Radio Owner's Manual 1
68-81111E94-A SYNTOR X VHF Test Memory Module 1
68-81112E14-0 Trunked SYNTOR X3 Mobile Owner's Manual (Replaced by 68-81111E70) 3
68-81114E25-0 Trunked Radio Telephone Interconnect Operator's Instructions 1
68-81115E48-0 SYNT0R X Trunked FM Two-Way Radio SMARTNET/Dual Operation Operator's Manual 2
68-81115E49-0 Trunked SYNTOR X Dual Operation Radio Operating Instructions 4
68-81115E65-0 SYNTOR X Trunked FM Two-Way Radio Privacy Plus/Dual Operation Operator's Manual 5
68-80102W02-A SYNTOR X Installation Manual 4

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SYNTOR X 9000 $
68-80102W02-A SYNTOR X/X9000 Installaltion 4
68-80100W91-0 Operator's Card 1
68-80100W92-0 Hand Held Control Head w/Optional Select Scan Card 2
68-8010OW95-B Operator's Manual 2
68-80100W96-B Quick Reference Card 2
68-80101W95-A SYNTOR X 9000 Low Band 100
68-80102W04-0 SYNTOR X 9000 UHF Instruction Manual 75
68-80102W05-0 SYNTOR X 9000 High Band Instruction Manual 100
68-80102W06-A SYNTOR X 9000 800MHz Conv Instruction 50
68-80102W07-A Systems 9000 MDC,1200 Instruction Manual 25
68-07992D52 SYNTOR X 9000 Radio Programming Manual 15
68-80l0lW62-A Systems 9000E Dual Operation Radio Service Manual 65
68-80l0lW72-B SYNTOR X 9000E Dual Operation Radio Operator's Manual 5
68-80l0lW73-B SYNTOR X 9000 Quick Reference Card 1
68-80102W26-0 SYNTOR X 9000E Privacy Plus Radio System Operator's Manual 4
68-80102W32-0 SYNTOR X 9000E UHF Trunking Radio System 85
68-80100W43-E Handheld Control Head Radios 10
68-80100W44-0 Option W388AC DES For Handheld Control Head Radios 1
68-80100W53-0 NLN1125A Field Retrofit EEPROM Module 1
68-80100W72-B Operating Instruction Card For Handheld Control Head With Operator Selectable Scan and DVP 2
68-80100W73-B Operating Instructions Card For Handheld Control Head With Select Scan 1
68-80100W79-A Broadband Antenna Match 1
68-80100W86-A Diplex Antenna Manual 1
68-80100W89-0 Supplement to Trunked SMARTNET Dual Operation FM Two-Way Radios 4
68-8010lWl0-B Systems 9000 Siren/PA For SYNTOR X 9000 21
68-80l0lWl3-C Systems 9000 Auxiliary Switch Panel 2
68-80101W15-0 Systems 9000 MDC-600 Option 49
68-80101W20-0 Systems 9000 Noise Cancelling Microphone 1
68-80l0lW21-0 Systems 9000 DTMF/Telephone Interconnect 3
68-80101W56-A Full Feature SECURENET for SYNTOR X 9000 Radios Instruction Manual 20
68-80l0lW75-0 Systems 9000 Security Housing 6
68-80l0lW77-0 Systems 9000 Physical Security Bypass 2
68-80l0lW90-0 Systems 9000 Security Housing Operator's Card 1
68-80101W97-0 Systems 9000 Option Expansion Housing 9
68-81102E60-H Handset Hangup Units 1
68-80102W08-0 Field Replacement Instructions For Systems 9000 Control Head Front Housing 2


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