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MCX-100, Syntor, and Syntor X radios may be programmed onto ham frequencies without expensive equipment.

I have Software for Syntor and MCX-100 VHF High Band and UHF radios to produce bit patterns in a binary file.

  1. My software is DOS based but runs in Windows 
  2. You need a prom programmer.  See details.
  3. I HAVE Blank NOS Signetics bipolar proms - You need some.
    I recommend making a socket adapter and using 2716 eproms
  4. A Radio service manual recommended

I have Software for Syntor X VHF High and Low Band and range 2 UHF radios

  1. This software is DOS based but runs fine on Windows computers
  2. You need a  2817 eeprom or 2716 commercial programmer
  3. A Motorola Radio service manual is recommended

Do you have a compelling need to understand the Frequency Algorithm .

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