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Wiring Diagrams
+ Circuit Schematics

Ferrari Wiring Diagrams - 308

The wiring diagrams included in Owner Manuals of cars from 1970 to 1985 are very difficult to read. Poorly scanned, poorly reproduced, Italian nomenclature, with all wires black, are a veritable clutter, an unintelligent maze. I redrew the diagram for my car and from there other years and models. Components are identified in English, and wires are drawn in the proper color. I'm an electrical engineer and created drawings as I wanted, for understanding. Have a look at the difference Sample

Use your KindleFire or iPad !! While the screen size may be smaller than a pc monitor...color screen tablets with WiFi such as the KindleFire and iPad may be used to download and view (and store) the wiring diagrams.

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Major functional circuits such as Turn Signals, Headlights, Power, are individually drawn in 8x10 size.

These are from factory Service Seminar for the 1980 gtbi cars.